Day 19: The Sun Will Set To Rise

Morning people. I used to hate them.

Drinking the way I drank, and working the hours I worked, morning people just made me laugh. Why do it? Why get up? What’s so great that happens in the morning? Breakfast? Who needs it!

As a drunk, you’re lucky if you ever see the morning, especially when you work in a restaurant. You work late night, and then, of course, you drink late night. I’d wake up hungover as all fuck, at noon or later. And, on my days off, if my timing was right, by the time I managed to get myself out of bed and showered, the bar would be open for business once more.

In retrospect, this was a pretty sad existence, but, I didn’t think that way at the time. Making the clock work for my drinking habits seemed to make perfect sense. If I wasn’t working, I was at my second job: Bonafide Bar Regular. And, I was thorough, I did my job well. So, mornings, were lost on me. And morning people, were aliens from a sick twisted planet that I had no intention of visiting.

Well, what do you know, getting sober can change the habits of the most staunch night owl.

When I first got off the sauce, I barely slept at all. Waking up every half hour, sweaty and with throbbing headaches. But, as I’ve begun to level out, I’m finding that my body clock is getting me up at 5AM on the regular. So, rather than fight it, I try to head for bed a little bit earlier to get in as many Zzzs as sobriety will allow me.

At 5AM, I slide into my L.L. Bean fuzzy slippers, and walk straight to the coffee pot. From which I will drink three cups of coffee before 6:30AM. I’ll make, holy shitballs, breakfast. And, then I’ll head out to my new favorite AA meeting which starts at 7AM.

I can’t believe I’m actually going to say this. But, I like this routine. Enjoying coffee and cigarettes as the sun climbs up over the huge tree that extends out over the fence in my neighbor’s yard. Checking my email. Sitting at my dining room table for the first time since I assembled it (Yes, IKEA.) in January. I read my AA Daily Reflection book. Page through the Town & Country Magazine my neighbor left for me on my stoop. Maybe make a grocery list.

I’m like a single, alcoholic Stepford wife.

So, to the morning people out there, I apologize, I misjudged you.

You guys have your shit together. And, now that I’ve accomplished half my day’s tasks before 11AM…

I do too.


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