Day 154: Triple ‘R’ Saturday

Yet again, another Saturday where I find myself completely unmotivated.

I bumped and bustled around the apartment. Picking up here and there, but not really cleaning. A grocery store run. A nap. A jot or two in my latest 4th Step column. All these little projects to do, but, once I start any of them, it’s a no go.

Well, except the nap. That was a go.

It’s just a waiting game today. Something’s in the air, and I know good things are coming. I’m just waiting on my engines to get revved. But, the when, where and why of it all….well today, I just can’t say what that looks like.

My brain’s still on overdrive. So, today’s post is a short one.

I need a minute to regroup, recharge, and reset.


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