Day 164: Feelin’ Groovy

I’m feeling pretty grateful today.

After a long day of door to door sales followed by a spiritual car ride home yesterday, I woke this morning feeling new.

I started the day with both my 6AM and my 7AM AA meetings. When I walked out of the meeting doors at 8AM, it was nothing short of a glorious day. Balmy temperatures and sunshine. I decided, instead of driving to my therapy appointment, that I’d walk across town. I downloaded a walking meditation app from the iTunes store and was off and walking.

On my walk, I was totally present. Something I still struggle with, staying in the moment. Even if it’s a good moment, I often get lost. I’m easily distracted. I let my to-do lists creep into my thoughts, ruining the moment I’m in, as it happens. Not today. Each little crocus popping up from the soil happily greeted me with the promise of spring.

My therapist seemed pleased with my optimistic outlook. And, heck, I was too.

Graduating treatment was fabulous, but, left me feeling uneasy about the coming weeks ahead. Out of work with no place to spend my days? That sounded like a recipe for depression disaster. But, with two weekdays under my belt, I’m feeling groovy. I’m occupied and enjoying the moments. Living in them. Soaking in what’s left of the time I have. Because, I know good things are coming, soon. I’ll have too much on my plate before I know it. So, I let myself enjoy the day as it came. Unexpected and revitalizing.

No complaints. No lessons to analyze today. Just going to live here, in this moment.

Fuckin’ groovy.


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