Day 187: Surfacing

In treatment, my eyes were widened to the broad scope and power of Chinese Medicine.

It’s something that I never discredited or discounted prior to being introduced to it, because I had no reason to feel one way or the other about it, it’s something with which I had no experience. And frankly, I had no interest. As a relatively healthy person, bodily anyway, healing and treating conditions with an alternative medicine seemed overly involved. Without knowing it, Western medicine has become my default. Makes sense I suppose, being in the Western part of the world. Just drive to the supermarket, grab the bottle of Advil or cough syrup and you’re good to go. So, I thought.

After my daily acupuncture treatments in treatment, I became interested in the whole process. I started to talking to the acupuncturists about herbal options and nutrition options for treatment of various mental and emotional ailments. The staff, being the whizzes they are, were able to point me in the right direction, giving me samples of herb blends, and food recommendations for certain, specific, ailments. It took time to see the bigger picture, I’ve done a good amount of research outside of treatment, buying, and borrowing books from the library. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a whole new world of thinking about, administering, and treating the body, as a whole.

As I continue to read on my own and talk to the very able practitioners that I still see at my treatment center, I’m starting to see big changes. I’m feeling better, on many different levels. The theory of balance that the TCM model revolves around seems to be seeping into my life. Things that seemed stuck, along with my old way of thinking about and approaching health and change, are starting to move. It’s like the line at the bottom of a buoy’s been cut, and it’s rushing to the surface of the water, head bobbing, free and loose.

As I dive into a new book on understanding and implementing health techniques based on the theory of the Five Elements, I find myself more obsessed than ever. With my interest at fever pitch, I went to my acupuncturist and asked her to place my needle points based on my ‘elemental’ identity. I know, I know, this is the part where it sounds like I’ve really become a tried and true West Coast girl, but, woo woo as all this may seem, I’m seeing the difference. And, while I have more faith in my life than I ever have before, I’m still a sucker for “seeing is believing.” I mean, who isn’t?

In acupuncture, things come to the surface. Certain needles will help clear out whatever is stuck, they get things moving again. And, maybe that’s what all this is about, moving. Gone are the days where I fear what I don’t know. In the past six months I have seen paths of great uncertainty yield an abundance of joy and change that I could never have predicted. I know now that to fear and avoid the unknown is to deny yourself something special.

So, I intend to let this curiosity surface and see what develops.


One thought on “Day 187: Surfacing

  1. I find TCM and acupuncture especially very intriguing. I’ve not had acupuncture, but I’ve read about it as a holistic option for treating (easing) canine cancer. Plus I like the concept of letting symptoms of illness just run their course while you work to heal and restore balance to the entire body versus just slapping a band-aid on it.

    Happy to read the positive things going on for you! Always look forward to your posts… C

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