Day 204: The Grateful Bunny

Easter. Yay.

I hopped out of bed like a happy bunny and had my first cup of coffee in six weeks! With lent over, I caffeinated myself thoroughly and headed out to church.

The weather in Portland today was stunning. A warm, seventy degrees, sun shining, white clouds quietly floating by overhead. The cherry blossom petals fell outside the church doors like a delicate, pink snow and I felt God in the air. I sang at mass. Listened in on the conversations of the little children in the pew behind me, who were excited to head back home for fun Easter activities, and copious amounts of chocolate, no doubt.

I drove to the store after mass, picking up some chocolate and flowers for my guests who were due to arrive in a few short hours. I did a final walk through of the apartment, making sure that things were tidy and in order. I changed into my Easter dress, and then headed back into the kitchen to get going on the rest of my cooking to-do list.

With an Irish song in my heart, I wistfully cut into vegetables, baked bread, and set the table as I began to pull a mini buffet out of the fridge and the oven for my guests. It felt great. I’m a pretty isolatory person, so, it felt good to get outside of myself and prepare something, with kindness, for the few people that have shown me kinship and given my life special meaning.

As my guests arrived, I felt at peace. A perfect, little hostess. It would have made my mother proud.

It’s days like today that make me extremely grateful. Sometimes, I have to stop and soak in that grace. I am lucky to have the people I have, the things I have, and the God I have. Today, I gave myself permission to stop and take in all that love. I tried to etch it into the contours of my brain. Remember this. My spiritual fitness is so up and down these days, that I tried at every moment I could, to appreciate the gifts that I’ve already been given, not just the ones that I am still seeking.

It’s the Lord’s day, and, in turn He gave us a lovely one to enjoy ourselves. It’s these gifts, both little and big, that deserve the appreciation that I sometimes forget or neglect to give at all.

Between bites of spinach dip and cheesecake pie, I had to smile and note that I’m one grateful bunny. And, so much of that joy, is in part, due to the many gifts that God has given me. So, today, I celebrate him, and my friends, and myself, because we are all a part of the same machine, and, we’re all very, very blessed.


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