Day 228: Yoga–Stop Your Future Trip Before It Starts

There’s preparing and then there’s preparing.

As I gear up for my trip, I can think of little else. Obviously. And, I apologize if I have already bored you to tears. But, what I’m discovering is, this trip is getting me to travel within myself while I’m still right here on American soil.

It’s a good marker. With just 18 days until take off I have to get my ducks in a row. Like, I actually have to. Not just say I’m going to. For me, goal setting is hard when I don’t have a finish line. It’s been one of the challenges in sobriety. There isn’t a finish line to being sober, technically. So, you have to really just stay on the road. But, there are milestones. It can be the coins you get at your AA meetings, it can be counting days, it can be anything really, just so long as there’s something to keep you on track.

Sometimes that track can be tough. So, this trip gives me real fuel for my fire, in recovery, and in my life.

Today, I made a commitment to myself to do yoga every day until I go. Not because I want to be bathing suit ready, although, that would be nice as I’m staying at a few hotels with pools! But, really, it’s a way to guarantee I get some kind of meditation in everyday. It’s a way to be sure that my body is nice and warm for the hiking I plan on doing abroad, and it’s a sure fire way to make sure that for an hour everyday, I will NOT be thinking about this trip.

Like anything else that I’m into, it takes over my whole brain. I get obsessed. And, the truth is, this trip is going to be amazing. I know that already. But, it’s a trip. It has a start and it has an end. And, when that end comes, I have to return to this place. My home. My family. My boyfriend. My Kitty. My friends. My apartment. And, I have to be ready to take on all those people, places, and things with the same fervor. I have to remember that, while this trip is exciting and special, so too is my life right here in Portland and in sobriety.

Yoga is a great way to be present in the life you’re living today. In this very moment. I can’t tell you how many moments I’ve already lost to the future sitting at this laptop planning hotel and B&B stays, paging through my travel books, and imagining my adventures. That my friends, is future tripping.

I know that international travel requires planning, but, it’s when you start living the trip before it’s happened that you start to take away it’s value.

For me, this trip is about being present. So, I have to make a commitment to being present now, in this moment, and I have to commit to being present when I return. Expectations result in disappointments if you take them too far.

So, it’s a yoga class a day to keep the future away!


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