Day 241: Mama Bird, Baby Bird

The early bird catches the worm.

And, in this case, the baby bird too. With my trip to Ireland just days away, I have to make sure that my obligations are honored and taken care of here, in my real life. And, making sure my dear Mama is taken care of on Mother’s Day is priority number one today.

I leave for Ireland on Mother’s Day. And, while I plan to call, this year I want to make sure she knows how much she really means to me. Not that I’ve been a bad daughter in previous years, but, this year, with all the lessons learned, I have truly come to appreciate the support of my family, and, especially my mother. She’s been there for me through the ins and outs of my life. From cradle to present. Never a moment where I thought I couldn’t depend on her.

So, I went shopping for a few of her favorite Oregon treats, wrapped ’em up, and shipped ’em out along with a note trying to explain how much she means to me, and, how this year, in recovery and out, has changed me. We have a special relationship that’s changed and morphed throughout the years, but, it’s always been strong.

I think about her as I prepare for my solo trip abroad. Her influence in my life has played a big part in the strong woman I’ve become. I learned a lot of valuable life lessons from her, through observation and direct teaching. As the warm, Tuesday sun shines down on me, it reminds me how grateful I am for the light in my life. The light I have today. But, I remember too, there were times I stood in the dark, and, there stood my mother, the light itself.

So, with USPS’ guarantee that my package will arrive before the big day on Sunday, I can breathe easy. And, as I pull out of the parking lot, the thought occurs to me that I am truly happy that today I have all the tools available to me in my life to make it easy and imperative that I thank the people in my life.

I have got it pretty darn good. I didn’t always see it that way before. And, now that I do, I want to let the people who held me up when I was down know that no one’s a hopeless cause. Even me. And, the fact that I’m still here today, breathing, and happy is in large part due the the loving care of my Mama Bird.


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