Day 242-244: i’s and t’s.


There isn’t any other way to describe the last few days.

And, while I’d love to go into every stressful detail, I’ll have to throw up my hands and apologize here. The next few weeks, writing will be difficult and entries will be few and far between.

I rarely travel great distances. And, as I have expressed here, my low capacity for stress and high capacity for planning make this one an ultra busy time in my life. I’ve been scuttling about from store to store buying clothes and provisions for my trip. Making lists, checking off items one by one, then re-checking and checking again.

It feels like a kind of insanity, but, a good one. I am thorough. That I can say.

I know once I get on that plane, I will breathe a breath of recycled, dehydrated air, and I will be OK. I will know that I dotted every “i” and crossed every “t.” But, until that breath, until that sigh of relief, I will run, run like a crazed animal through my life. Making sure that I’ve done everything in my power to ensure this trip is a good one, and then, the rest will be up to God.

So, dear readers, I apologize for my brevity and absence in the coming weeks.  But, for the two of you that read this blog with regularity, I will be back. And, hopefully, with some good stories to tell.


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